EC approved the "Bulgarian rose oil" as a protected geographical indication

The European Commission approved the addition of a new Bulgarian product to the registry of protected geographical indications. The "Bulgarian rose oil" is an essential oil obtained by distillation of rose petals from Rosa Damascena. The quality of the Bulgarian rose oil is guaranteed by the requirement for processing of therosepetals within 10-12 hours after being picked. About 3500 kg of roseflowers are required to produce 1 kg of rose oil. There are also special requirements for flower picking which should be done a few hours before dawn until the early morning hours and, as noticed by the European Commission, only open...

How did Bulgaria become the lavender market leader?

Bulgaria has always been among the main producers of lavender but is still in the shadow of France, which holds the leading position both with regards to quantity and quality of the final product - essential oil. Up until a few years ago, when a plant infection decreased the French production of 50-60 tons per year in half.  The Bulgarian producers used this opportunity and increased the cropsand the recent leader France became their end-client. This gave rise to some foreign publications defining Bulgaria as the new lavendermaster.  At first glance it seems that the situation benefited Bulgaria, but actually it does not...

Bulgarian-Russian business forum and bilateral meetings to be held on October, 1 in Plovdiv

On October 1, 2014 in Plovdiv the Executive Agency for Promotion of SMEs, together with the Russian Agency for support of small and medium business, organized a Bulgarian-Russian business forum with bilateral meetings.  The forum aims to provide opportunities for establishing direct contacts between Bulgarian enterprises and their potential partners from Russia for production cooperation and increase in the volume of Bulgarian exports, for exchange of good industrial and commercial practices, etc.  The Russian companies to take part in the business forum, are engaged in a business mission organized by the Russian Agency for...
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